About Us

We are a group of life-long learners inspiring people to understand the environmental impacts of the products they use most.

A Note From Our Founder

For nearly twenty years, I’ve devoted my life to the fight against climate change. All the while, friends and family have asked me questions about the environmental impact of consumer goods: What diapers should my sister buy for her new baby? Do paper towels lead to deforestation? What are parabens?

Cutting through the jargon and searching for answers requires time and energy. Most of us want to do better, but it’s hard when understanding what matters is so complicated and time consuming.

I started Finch to help people make more sustainable choices every day, without having to spend tons of time and energy figuring out what products are actually better for the environment. We do the heavy lifting so you can get on with living a life that is lighter on the planet.

Lizzie Horvitz
Founder & CEO, Finch

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