Finch for Business

We partner with retailers, brands, and data companies to provide custom sustainability-focused shopping experiences, product analysis, and market insights.

Are You a Retailer?

We work with retailers of all sizes to provide transparency into the sustainability of products on their platforms. Retailers love us for lots of reasons, but here are the top pain points we help solve:

  1. 1. Your customers demand more transparency, less greenwashing, and want to know the impacts of the products they buy. We can provide data on the impacts of your products across six environmental footprints. Because let’s be honest: “all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging” doesn’t cut it anymore.
  2. 2. You have fantastic relationships with your vendors, and you’d rather not be responsible for taking the heat if a product of theirs doesn’t score as highly as they would have expected. We’re happy to be the bad guys. We assess products 24/7 and stand by our science-backed scoring system.
  3. 3.
    In a world where there are many unregulated ways to define “sustainability”, we’re providing a standard for all of your vendors. Finch cuts through the various definitions of what “sustainable” means as a neutral third party, clarifying the discrepancies and accounting for the science. For more details, see How We Score.

Are You a Brand?

With all of the greenwashing out there, it’s been impossible to prove that your products are actually better for the environment – until now. Finch knows which sustainability attributes are most environmentally impactful, and how to educate your customers on why it matters.

If we’ve scored your products and you have questions about the scores or want to learn more, we can provide environmental product analyses faster and for far less than the cost of a single LCA.

Are You Interested in Market Insights?

Whether you’re a data aggregator, brand, or market research company, you’re probably interested in our meta analysis on product categories. We can tell you how many shampoos are sulfate-free, how many detergents are pods versus liquid, or what share of the paper towel market is FSC certified. We can also tell you how much more customers are willing to spend on sustainable products and in which product categories they are willing to convert to more sustainable options.

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