Community Guidelines

We are a community of conscious consumers building a platform to assess everyday products on environmental impacts, quality, and function. We hold our internal team and all of our members to the same standards. We are committed to building a respectful, action-oriented, curious community that is guided by science.

  • Respect Respect is at the center of the Finch community. We see the complexity and value in each person, and engage them with kindness, reliability, and honesty. We ask that our community members do the same.
  • Curiosity We are a group of lifelong learners inspiring citizens to understand the power of every decision. We are excited to learn new things and, with your help, build a platform where people can discover the stuff that works well and doesn’t harm the planet, all in one place.
  • Action We believe everyone can crack the sustainability code and that together we can find the best of the best – best in function, best in experience, and best for a healthy, just planet. We believe that our individual actions can lead to collective rewards.
  • Guided by Science We are an anti-greenwashing platform and root all of our sustainability scores in scientific data.

This community is more useful and vibrant via participation. We welcome thoughts, feedback, and feelings about products. Absolutely love Charmin Toilet Paper because it’s soft and squishy? Share your love on its product page! Tried a new product that just didn’t work? Write a review and let the community know!

We actively monitor reviews and comments. Transparency is fundamental to Finch. We will never remove user content solely for expressions of criticism or dissenting opinions. However, we do have some rules, the violation of which will result in the removal of your content and/or the banning of your account. These actions are taken at the discretion of the community team; when in doubt, the team will err on the side of maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of our community. If you think your content has been removed in error or your account has been banned unfairly or mistakenly, please reach out to We’re human and mistakes happen.

What will get your content deleted and/or your account banned:

  • Personal attacks or harassment
  • Discriminatory language
  • Inflammatory language
  • Deliberately misleading, misrepresented, or false information
  • Spam posts (including self-promotion, posting of affiliated or referral links, astroturfing, and PR pitches)