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Liquid Hand Soap

How to choose sustainable liquid hand soap

When shopping for liquid hand soap, choose products free of parabens, phosphates, triclosan, sulfates, isothiazolinone preservatives, and palm oil. Opt for hand soaps made with essential oils in lieu of synthetic fragrances, and consider buying a concentrated formula or a hand soap tablet to cut down on packaging and transportation emissions. Our favorite certifications to look out for are the EWG certification (which ensures the product is free from chemicals of concern), the Fair Trade certification (which benefits the people making the product), and the PETA and Leaping Bunny certifications (which ensure no animal testing was performed using the product).

The highest scoring liquid hand soap

Finch Fact

Palm oil is one of the oils commonly used in liquid hand soaps. In fact, of the 187 liquid hand soaps that we’ve scored, 69% of them contain palm oil or ingredients that may be derived from palm oil.

What to know about liquid hand soap


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